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i45 Tournament Matrix Released

The full iSeries tournament matrix has just been released and its a mixture of good and bad news for us. It looks like we should be able to play both BF36on6 and FIFA1on1, but its going to be tight. The good news is that the FIFA2on2 (Clearly the most important event) is going to be uninterrupted.


So with only 17 days to go, not long before the lols begin.

Posted 17 April 2012
by inter

Before Team Sabre, there was the Sabre Team

Just found this phat slice of retro.


Sabre Team

In Sabre Team , you control a little group of elite soldiers, who are sent out on hostage rescue missions. The plot is simple: In the first level, some terrorists have taken over an embassy, and therefore have some hostages. Your job is to infiltrate the building, kill the terrorists, and save as many hostages as possible. In the next levels, some terrorists have taken over something else, or just have some hostages. Then your mission is to kill some more terrorists, and free some more hostages. It might seem a little monotonous, but is actually very entertaining.

Clearly a character based on Amarok

Scott and Madsen's poo party outfits.


Posted 17 April 2012
by inter

FIFA Euro 2012 Announcement

Many of us thought that there was going to be three fifa games this year: Fifa Street, Euro 2012 and Fifa 13. However EA Sports today announced that infact Euro 2012 will come in the form of DLC for FIFA 12.

  • Euro 2012 will be available as DLC on ps3, 360 and PC.
  • Euro 2012 will be released on April 24th and will cost £16.
  • There are 53 European Nations.
  • 8 Licensed stadiums. 
  • DLC is based on the finals and not the qualification rounds like in the Road to World Cup game.
  • Euro 2012 tournament play is online and offline.
  • "Expedition Mode" Where you build your dream team and try to dominate Europe (more details to arise).
  • Euro 2012 custom commentary.
  • Daily Challenges.
  • All nations that have qualified will have a squad update a day before the tournament.
I think it's a good move from EA to not make a standalone game for the Euros and the price isn't to much. Your effectively paying for added teams and a couple of new modes but I was one of the keeners who bought Ultimate Team when it was a DLC and loved it. FIFA needs more DLC and I for one am stoked for this one.

Posted 29 March 2012
by Maccers

Multiplay i 45 Battlefield 3 Tournament Now 6v6 and More changes

We have received so much feedback based on our tournament format for Battlefield 3 that we felt it was time to make a change to the tournament format to suit the teams that wish to participate.

The tournament was announced as an 8v8 but we have had many teams contact us and ask that it be lowered to 6v6 or 5v5 so they can afford to travel and take part. We are happy to accommodate the community, however this means that we will have to make the tournament into an infantry tournament so that vehicles are not overpowering in tournament matches.

So here is how it is going to be – Tournament Format:

6v6 Infantry
Same Prize Pool – even with less players per team.

  • 8 Teams £1,220
  • 16 Teams £1,940
  • 32 Teams £3,380
  • 64 Teams £6,260
  • And so on up to £10,500 for 110+ Teams!

Banned items added:

  • MAV Drone
  • Spawn Beacon
  • M320 Grenades (M320 buckshot and smoke are allowed)
  • IRNV Scope
  • Tactical Light (All variants)

We would still like to do an 8v8 vehicular based fun tournament, but this would depend on enough teams showing interest – just go over to this thread and let us know if you would play in such a tournament (would likely take place after the group stages of the BF3 tournament so knocked out teams can have another go!).

Posted 17 March 2012
by amarok

Another Command and Conquer... but its not going to be RTS

Just been reading about another Command and Conquer, but this ones got a twist. Firstly its going to be free! Secondly, it looks like its going to be some kind of MMO, so I'm pretty much sold already.

Heres some dribble from EA.

"Electronic Arts said that the free-to-play, browser-based strategy MMOG Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances is now in open beta. This latest entry in EA’s Play4Free portfolio is reportedly the first free-to-play cross-platform, MMO strategy game, available now on desktops and soon on tablets and smartphones."

"Players harvest valuable resources, foster strategic alliances and engage in relentless battles as they strive for world domination," the company said on Thursday. "With in-game news and status feeds, players get frequent updates, creating a completely interactive and dynamic gameplay experience that has gamers strategizing, reacting, and adapting on the spot." 

Sounds like something we could all have a good laugh with. I like the idea of geeking in my room with my curtains closed, and when forced to leave the sanctuary of my room, I can still collect ore via my tablet or phone!

Currently the game is a closed BETA, but its it anything like a normal EA game, that probably means its finished and we can expect it pretty soon :]

Posted 16 March 2012
by inter

Guild Wars 2 coming soon.

Just had this slammed into my dirty inbox; Guild Wars 2 Beta phase coming soon.


Aspecial thank you for signing up for the Guild Wars 2 Beta! 


"In just over 48 hours, 1 million players signed up for a chance to participate in upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta events. Although we wish we could invite everyone who signed up to playtest the beta, we do have a limited number of slots available for each event and not everyone will be able to play. We know you're very eager for us to send out beta invitations, and we will be sending these confirmations out shortly"

No idea if any of you other than me and mac signed up for it, but for those who don't know this is one of the better alternatives to World of Warcraft.

It looks pretty good, decent graphics and if its like the old Guild Wars, no subscription fee as far as I am aware, so maybe worth ago for MMO retards like Amarok.

Posted 12 March 2012
by Inter